Friday April 26, 2013

trailer welding
Our multi-talented fisheries technicians lead a life of variety: when not surveying fish in the field or building equipment, they also serve as boat and vehicle mechanics. This includes regular maintenance and upkeep—or, in the case of the trailer shown above, retrofitting a piece of existing equipment to meet our needs. We had to make some modifications to a used trailer we bought for one of our boats to make it a better fit. This included lengthening the trailer tongue, mounting a new hitch, and repositioning the winch so its handle would not hit the boat when turned. A fresh coat of paint, new carpet on the bunks, and rewiring the lights will complete the trailer upgrade.
Although many of our technicians are handy with a wrench, one was an actual a mechanic before joining FISHBIO. He handles some of boat and truck maintenance when he has time, as shown below–everything from oil changes to replacing gaskets. We’re thankful our technicians have a diversity of skills to keep our shop and fabrication lab running smoothly.
boat maintenance

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