Electrofishing is an effective tool for capturing fish in shallow freshwater and brackish environments. Its many applications include fisheries sampling, selective species abatement, construction compliance, and aquaculture harvest. FISHBIO has multiple electrofishing boat and backpack systems available for rent that can meet a variety of environmental conditions and project needs. Our trained personnel are experienced in handling electrofishing equipment to ensure the safety of fish and equipment operators. To schedule a rental, email us at info@fishbio.com, or call (209) 847-6300.

Electrofishing Boat Rental

Find the right electrofishing boat for your project. We require a FISHBIO boat operator to accompany each rental due to the technical nature of the boats. Electrofishing crew may be provided by the client, or can be provided by FISHBIO.

The electrofishing boat rental rate is for $1,500 per day, plus the cost of a boat operator and expenses. Discounted rates are available for weekly and monthly rental.

Smith-Root Electrofishing Boat: Our 18- ft. heavy-duty Smith-Root electrofishing boat (above) is well suited for larger rivers, deltas, and lakes. This workhorse has plenty of workspace, a large livewell, and lots of storage. It requires good launching access.

Alumaweld Jet Boat: Our portable electrofishing boat platform (above) can be utilized with an 18-ft. Alumaweld jet boat to create an e-fisher that is ideal for maneuvering through shallow water to reach your sampling location.

North River and E-fishing Platform: Our portable electrofishing platform can also be used on our 16-ft. North River with an outboard jet motor (above). This boat is lightweight and capable of launching in the toughest of conditions. It is suitable for sampling in smaller rivers and ponds.

Backpack Electrofisher Rental:

FISHBIO also has Smith-Root LR-24 backpack electrofishers available for rent. These rugged backpack units are the standard for fisheries scientists. Backpack electrofishers are available to rent for $1,500 per week, plus shipping.

Contact: To schedule a rental, email at info@fishbio.com, or call (209) 847-6300.

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