Friday June 17, 2016

Bonneville Dam Fish LadderThe International Conference on River Connectivity (Fish Passage 2016; https://fishpassage.umass.edu) will be in session next week (June 20-22, 2016) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA). FISHBIO will be giving a presentation and co-leading a discussion about fish passage research and monitoring technology at a free fish counting and migration workshop hosted by Vaki titled, “Know Your River” that is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 1pm.
We hope that the workshop will provide a wealth of information about the evolution of technology in fish passage research and monitoring, as well as, drive an in depth discussion about the pros and cons of the different technologies including: Riverwatcher, ARIS/DIDSON, PIT Monitoring, Acoustic Tracking, and electrofishing. If the “Know Your River” workshop does not fit into your busy schedule please feel free to find FISHBIO or Vaki at the sponsor booths, we would be more than happy to discuss fish passage research and monitoring techniques and equipment types. FISHBIO has extensive experience with research and monitoring techniques and equipment types that Vaki has leaned on for the representation of the Riverwatcher (http://www.riverwatcher.is) in North America. As the sole North American representative for the Riverwatcher, we have found that the Riverwatcher has benefitted salmonid researchers on the West Coast with more accurate and efficient fish counts.
Feather River Hatchery LadderWe believe that herring and shad researchers on the east coast could take advantage of the same benefits and we look forward to making ourselves available for discussions about those possibilities at this conference located on the east coast. FISHBIO’s experience at the Fish Passage Conferences has been great in the past with a high level of internationally represented fish passage professionals from a variety of academics in participation. As evidenced by the Fish Passage Connections blog post (see http://fishbio.com/field-notes/communication/fish-passage-connections) we are excited for what the Fish Passage 2016 conference has to offer!

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