Friday July 5, 2013

nal Fish Passage conference
International Fish Passage conference
A big thank you to everyone who came out to visit FISHBIO and VAKI at the International Conference on Engineering & Ecohydrology for Fish Passage at Oregon State University last week. The conference was a great mix of international professionals interested in fish passage, and we had many stimulating discussions with the folks who stopped by our booth. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet engineers, biologists, managers, and public relations professionals from power companies like Bonneville Power, Idaho Power, Portland General Electric, Eugene Water & Electric, Alliant Energy, Duke Energy, and Pacificorp Energy. Many organizations in attendance displayed a wide array of products and services, and we were happy to include the VAKI Riverwatcher among them. The conference was a great opportunity for all to learn about fish passage engineering and restoration projects, both locally in regions like the Columbia Basin, and internationally in areas such as the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project in South Korea. We look forward to seeing what new ideas, collaborations, and projects develop from these interactions.

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