Friday December 28, 2018

Mikey measuring depthAs another year draws to a close, here is a look back at our 2018 by the numbers:
125,982 fish counted during snorkel surveys on two rivers
68,504 fish captured at four rotary screw traps
34,779 salmonids marked and released at four rotary screw traps
11,373 fish counted at two weirs
1,300 scale samples analyzed
232 diet samples collected in the field
200 bottles of hot sauce made
150 jars of peppers pickled
120 gallons of beer brewed
50 jars of pickles canned
31 education and outreach events
30 pounds of hops harvested
29 fish species observed at four rotary screw traps
24 Predation Event Recorders under construction
16 fish species recorded at two weirs
12 block-net tripods built
8 fyke traps fabricated
6 two-day kayak trips on the upper Tuolumne River
5 scientific papers published
4 Fish Conservation Zones supported in Laos
3 species of salmon encountered (Chinook, chum, and pink)
2 giant Riverwatcher elevators constructed
1 Mekong giant stingray puppet paraded

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