Friday August 10, 2012

About six months ago we thought it would be fun to incorporate a little sustainable living into our office. We’ve been recycling for years and looking into ways to reduce our energy use, but we thought, why not take the unused yard behind our building and plant a little vegetable garden (organic, of course)? After all, our main office is located in the heart of the Central Valley, one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. Our “little” garden turned into 3-dozen fruit trees, numerous tomatoes and squash, and a plethora of peppers. Why stop with fresh fruits and veggies when you can add a few hens to provide fresh eggs? What we ended up with was a super coop stocked with both chickens and turkeys. When friends and family come to the office for a visit they are always eager to feed the chickens. For the past two months we have been enjoying fresh salads, grilled stuffed peppers, and “Scrambled Fridays.” It is not uncommon to find staff taking a stroll the garden on their break or whipping up a batch of salsa for the whole office!

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