Friday February 11, 2011

capturing fish in laos mekongNo, these fishers aren’t part of our FISHBIO field research crew that have given up on more modern outmigration sampling methods. They are subsistence fishers that know what it takes to catch dinner in the Khan River of northern Lao PDR. They team up, form a line and start working those hand-made dip nets. They don’t have waders, but they need to eat, so they accept some soggy cotton and focus on the fishing. They seem to have quite a good system down. Even though it is the dry season, so the river level is low and fish are not as plentiful, they caught enough to feed their families for the day. That is the lifestyle for the majority of Lao villagers, who are dependent on wild fish for their daily subsistence. Even people who don’t consider themselves as “fishermen” by trade will still go to the river for some food nearly every day. Because fish are so vital for the people of Lao, FISHBIO is working with villagers to train them in fish surveys and conservation strategies.

Photo source: FISHBIO

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