Friday August 21, 2015

Our FISHBIO crew thoroughly enjoyed our time in Portland this week for the 145th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. With an estimated 3,700 fish scientists in attendance, we couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to spend time with. We loved interacting with everyone at our trade show booth, soaked up a wealth of interesting ideas in the various symposia, and of course enjoyed sampling the best of Portland’s food and beer. We’re particularly excited to have Sinsamout Ounboundisane visiting from our Lao office for the event. He presented on our Fish Conservation Zone work in Laos during the conference’s Mekong symposium, and will spend the next week visiting our various offices in California. We’ll be posting a full AFS recap soon, but until then, a big thank you to the organizers and all the attendees for another great conference. Hooray for fish people!

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