Monday December 26, 2011

We have made significant progress on the fabrication of our “Fish Racetrack” since we last posted on the project. Once the flume tank was framed and covered with wood sheeting, the surface was sanded for an even finish. In order to achieve a smooth, water-tight barrier the whole tank was covered with fiberglass. After some background research we decided to use a marine-grade epoxy by West System, because their waterproof formula is safe to apply and will not leach harmful contaminants into the water. A layer mesh fiberglass cloth was applied to the entire surface for strength, followed by multiple coats of epoxy resin. Sanding the entire surface between each layer of epoxy was one of the more time consuming tasks. The industry standard aqua-green color additive was mixed with the resin and applied to the interior of the tank, whereas we finished the outside with a little FISHBIO flare. Watch for our next post on this project, when we tackle the plumbing and filtration system.

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