Monday March 6, 2023

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An important environmental agreement was signed by the environment ministers of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica to protect the marine corridor in the Pacific Ocean shared by the four countries and which will host their most emblematic island territories.

Among them are the iconic Galapos islands in Ecuador, Coco in Costa Rica, Coiba in Panama, and those of Gorgona and Malpelo in Colombia, all of which are considered natural national parks or fauna and flora sanctuaries in their respective nations.

“With this signature we ratify our commitment to work on an international treaty between countries and establish actions in this strategic area, in terms of fishing, biodiversity and tourism. A permanent technical secretariat will be established to collectively move towards an international figure so that we can maintain the entire corridor as one of the most important maritime areas in the world,” said Colombian Minister Susana Muhamad.

In this way, the agreement seeks for the governments of the four countries to coordinate efforts for the conservation of this area and the sustainable use of its resources, as well as to strengthen governance and cooperation for the management of these protected areas, as well as the sustainable tourism in these territories and the mitigation of the effects of climate change.

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