Friday November 4, 2022

San Francisco Chronicle

Northern California is in the midst of a wet weather pattern that shows no signs of slowing down. A cluster of rain showers swept through the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving behind a trail of rainfall totals ranging from a few tenths of an inch to almost 3 inches along some of the coastal mountains. These same showers then brought over a foot of snow to the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascades.

It goes without saying that this pattern has been nothing short of a fire suppressor. Now that another storm is coming in from the Pacific Northwest this weekend, it’s looking more likely that California will be tapping into some beneficial rains and snow.

A cold front will swiftly steamroll Northern California and stomp out Friday and Saturday’s brief fling with a warming trend. Winds will quickly shift back to the northwest as cold air from Alaska traverses the gaps and passes of the Northern California coast. Residents in the North Bay already got a taste of that cold air on Thursday morning when frost advisories were issued across the Petaluma and Napa valleys. Expect similar mornings this weekend as this cold air settles over California.

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