Thursday October 6, 2022

Los Angeles Times

For as long as the Salton Sea has faced the threat of ecological collapse, some local residents and environmentalists have advocated a radical cure for the deteriorating lake: a large infusion of ocean water.

By moving desalinated seawater across the desert, they say, California could stop its largest lake from shrinking and growing saltier and could restore its once-thriving ecosystem. Without more water, they argue, the lake will continue to decline, and its retreating shorelines will expose growing stretches of dry lake bed that spew hazardous dust and greenhouse gases.

“The Salton Sea is drying up, along with water for our people and the environment,” the Salton City nonprofit the EcoMedia Compass says on its website. “Let’s ensure water resource sustainability for future generations, and import water from the ocean.”

But advocates of tapping ocean water were dealt a significant blow when a state-appointed panel of experts rejected the idea after a yearlong review.

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