Tuesday May 28, 2024

We Are Green Bay

A group of Kansas wildlife biologists on the hunt for invasive species made a surprising discovery in April when they found a fish thousands of miles away from where it spawned.

Biologists with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park’s (KDWP) Aquatic Invasive Species Crew were conducting sampling operations on the Kansas River near Kaw Point in April when they came across a rarely seen native fish species. The fish in question is known as an American eel.

These fish are not often seen in Kansas’ waters, mostly due to the many dams which get in the way of their ability to move freely through U.S. streams and rivers. The last time the KDWP made note of the appearance of one of these eels was in 2015 when a Kansas angler caught one while fishing below the Bowersock dam near Lawrence, Kansas. At the time, this was the first confirmed sighting of an American eel in Kansas in a decade.

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