Monday July 17, 2023


Local anglers lined the Boise River bank along Barber Park Friday for an early opportunity to catch a newly-released Chinook salmon.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) released roughly 300 salmon in river at four different locations, including Barber Park, West Parkcenter Bridge, Americana Bridge and Glenwood Bridge.

“It’s a fun fish to catch. They’re not easy to catch,” 50-year Boise River angler Gary Warhol said. “You don’t get that many fish – you don’t have that many opportunities around here. So, when you get an opportunity, you take it.”

The fish are part of a surplus that comes from Rapid River Hatchery near Riggins; the hatchery passed its number of fertilized eggs needed for the next generation of Chinook salmon in Idaho.

The release included roughly 100 larger adult fish that measure out to 24 inches or more. The release also included smaller “jacks,” which are Chinook smaller than 24 inches. Both a fishing license and salmon permit is required to fish for Chinook in the river.

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