Friday March 3, 2023

Daily Democrat

It’s not just bullfrogs that threaten other species in Cache Creek, it’s also the common red-eared “slider” turtle.

Both the bullfrog and red-eared turtle are considered invasive species and are taking over the habitat of the western pond turtles, which are native to Cache Creek.

How to get rid of the unwanted turtles and frogs was the topic of a discussion with Jeff Alvarez, who founded The Wildlife Project of Sacramento, on Tuesday during a visit to the Cache Creek Conservancy.

Alvarez’s company specializes in doing environmental compliance and field surveys to develop mitigation methods and biological assessments.

Alvarez toured the pond area of the Conservancy on a wet and cold day earlier this week with board member Bruce Christensen and Lynne Haralson, a habitat restoration technician, looking at ways to control both bullfrogs and the red-eared turtles.

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