Tuesday October 17, 2023

Governor Gavin Newsom

More than $8.6 billion committed by Governor Newsom and the Legislature over the last three years to build water resilience

SACRAMENTO – Amid extreme weather conditions this past year, the state has made important progress to secure water supplies now and into the future, leveraging more than $8.6 billion committed by Governor Newsom and the Legislature in the last two budget cycles to build water resilience.

A new progress report on California’s Water Supply Strategy, which was released last year, details key actions taken by state agencies to expand and expedite water storage, recycling, desalination and conservation to bolster water supplies throughout the state.

What Governor Newsom said: “From devastating drought to record flooding, the weather extremes we experienced in California this past year make clear the urgent need to keep adapting our water systems for increasingly unpredictable conditions. The state has made important strides to meet these challenges, and we’ll continue advancing our all-of-the-above strategy to optimize how we capture, store and use water in this new climate reality.”

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