Friday September 30, 2022

Gavin Newsom

Conserving water has become a way of life in California, and one of the most effective ways to cut back on water use is to replace your lawn with drought-resistant plants and landscaping. Now Californians can get more money to do just that thanks to a new law signed today by Governor Gavin Newsom. The legislation exempts local rebates for turf replacement from state income tax, ensuring more dollars can be spent on transforming grass lawns into water-wise yards.

“Our hots are getting hotter and our dries are getting drier. Our state is on track to lose 10% of its water supply by 2040 which is why we must all do our part to conserve water,” said Governor Newsom. “With a drier landscape becoming the norm, we’re stepping up to help Californians replace their lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping that will help us combat the drought we’re in and build resilience for the future. Conservation is just one part of our strategy – that’s why we’re finding ways to stretch the water supply we have, create new sources of water and increase storage. It will take all of us working together to weather this drought and save our water.”

“As California confronts drought, extreme heat, and worsening climate change, it is critical that we deepen our investment in water conservation strategies,” said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D -Encino), author of AB 2142, the legislation that exempts turf replacement rebates from state income tax. “This new law will strengthen consumer rebates and help ensure that Californians who switch to drought-tolerant landscaping are able to save water and save money. I applaud Governor Newsom for his leadership on climate resiliency and thank him for signing this bill today.”

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