Wednesday May 25, 2022

California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Companies manufacturing motor vehicle tires for sale in California will have to evaluate safer alternatives to 6PPD, a chemical that readily reacts to form another chemical known to kill threatened coho salmon, under a new regulation proposed by the state Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

Manufacturers use 6PPD to reduce tire cracking and extend the useful life of tires. If approved, the regulation would compel tiremakers to look for ways to reduce the use of 6PPD without affecting the functionality or performance requirements of their products sold in the state.

“The recent research linking 6PPD to coho salmon deaths is extremely compelling,” said DTSC Director Dr. Meredith Williams. “It is clear that particles containing this chemical are entering our waterways. This is also a national issue.  California is taking a leadership role in protecting our fish, our environment and the cultural heritage of Native American tribes with rich salmon fishing traditions.” 

 The loss of coho salmon in California has significantly impacted Native American tribes who have traditionally relied on fish as an important food source. The confirmed presence of 6PPD-quinone in California’s waterways threatens the state’s remaining coho salmon populations, which are endangered or threatened, and may jeopardize the recovery of this species.

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