Friday March 24, 2023

Stormwater Solutions

California Senator Anna Caballero (D-Merced) announced that she is authoring a bill that would establish water supply targets to capture and produce enough water for the state’s needs.

Senate Bill 366, The California Water for All Initiative, would establish new water supply targets to capture and produce water and new requirements for state agencies. The office of Caballero says that the bill modernizes the California Water Plan.

“Despite decades of work to improve California’s water system, our infrastructure remains inadequate to meet present needs and is woefully unprepared to meet future needs,” said Caballero. “The targets set in place by SB 366 would create new accountability and effectively generate a commitment from the State, the water community, and stakeholders to follow through on comprehensive, long-term water supply solutions that will transform water management for generations to come.”

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