Monday June 5, 2023

My Kootenay Now

A biologist with the Okanagan Nation Alliance is suggesting a hatchery in a box be placed near Castlegar as part of efforts to reintroduce salmon to the Columbia River.

Michael Zimmer told city council of the idea recently, noting the need for eggs, fry, and adult fish to fulfil experiments to answer some key questions.

He said the ONA has developed a similar hatchery in Penticton, which is a mobile unit made out of a sea-can. Each unit can incubate 100,000 eggs to fry. He said it has been successful in bringing back fisheries from the brink in other places, but requires engineering, planning, and a location.

“We would like to have a location near the river here,” he said. “Right now donor stock is supplied from Okanagan.”

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