Wednesday October 11, 2023

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The Mekong River has experienced increased dry season flow and reduced flood season flow under the impact of both climate change and water infrastructure development, a new study has found.

The Mekong River Commission (MRC) and its upstream counterpart, the Lancang-Mekong Water Resources Cooperation Center (LMC Water Center), presented their Phase 1 findings on Southeast Asia’s most important waterway at the 13th MRC Regional Stakeholders Forum last Thursday in Laos.

The MRC and LMC Water Center agreed to the joint study in late 2019, as they expanded upon previous collaboration.

As this Phase 1 report notes, “In both 2016 and 2019, joint studies conveyed objective information about the severe droughts to the public and made scientific evaluations of the effects of water supplement from the Lancang (the name of the Mekong in China) reach to alleviate the drought conditions on the Mekong reach.”

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