Wednesday August 24, 2022

NBC Bay Area

We’re all looking and wanting anything that looks like a “normal” rain season but that may not be in the cards for us over the next several months. 

As our drought continues it looks like we’ll have two key factors that will play into our Bay Area rain season.  The first one is La Niña, which tends to set off extremes in Bay Area weather.  The second is known as “precipitation whiplash” and that’s related to climate change which can also set off weather extremes. 

So, what would this look like or potentially bring?  Well, it could look a lot like last year (see the bar graph below), if you remember back we had strong record setting storms in 2021 October & December and then extended periods of record drying into January. 

It may not happen in that exact order but be ready for these potentially frustrating trends.

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