Wednesday August 24, 2022

Lake County Record-Bee

Few lakes in the world offer the food and habitat that Clear Lake does. The lake is literally awash with various fish, animals and aquatic plants. While some are an asset to man, others can cause problems, especially when it comes to plants. For years there was a fear that hydrilla would overrun the landscape and drive native plants out. The good news is hydrilla has been completely controlled on the lake.

However, the recent drought has caused another plant to prosper, the water primrose. The water primrose is common throughout Lake County and is especially abundant in the coves and keys around the lake, but this plant isn’t popular with many lakeside dwellers. For those living on a channel it will take over the shoreline and deny you access to the lake.

Water primrose is common throughout California and can be identified by its leaves, which are sword shaped or oval shaped. The leaves are covered by small hairs on both sides. The plant has distinctive yellow flowers with four or five petals. The plant is originally from Central and South America.

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