Monday July 31, 2023

Alaska’s News Source

Concerns about Steller sea lion kills remain high in the Copper River Delta area, where NOAA Fisheries officials report nearly a dozen more of the pinnipeds have been found dead since the beginning of June.

NOAA Fisheries first issued a public request on June 2 seeking information related to the deaths of 7 Steller sea lions in the month prior. Since then, NOAA Fisheries report that 11 more dead sea lions have been found.

Kim Raum-Suryan, a marine mammal specialist with NOAA Fisheries, says the agency frequently finds deceased sea lions — but the organization remains on high alert with regard to these protected animals.

“Finding dead marine mammals with evidence of human interactions is not uncommon. The number and locations of carcasses seen this summer during our surveys on the Copper River Delta is greater than during previous efforts,” Raum-Suryan said.

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