Wednesday April 5, 2023

Sierra Sun Times

Congressman Jim Costa (CA-21) has introduced the Canal Conveyance Capacity Restoration Act, which would authorize more than $653 million to restore the capacity of three San Joaquin Valley canals, while also investing in restoration of the San Joaquin River.

Central Valley canals are critical tools in California’s water management, allowing for the movement of water to supply cities, farms, and groundwater recharge. Restoring these canals would improve California’s drought resilience and help farmers comply with limits on groundwater pumping under the California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

“We must increase storage in wet years like this one to ensure we can withstand the next long dry spell,” said Costa. “My bill would provide federal funding to restore the Friant-Kern Canal, Delta-Mendota Canal, and California Aqueduct to their full carrying capacity. Restoring this infrastructure is critical to delivering water to our farms and communities across the San Joaquin Valley.”

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