Monday August 15, 2022


Salmon-Challis National Forest
 (SCNF) reported on Sunday that a debris flow has fully obstructed the Middle Fork of the Salmon River (MFSR). 

According to SCNF, the obstruction is from Rams Horn Creek and completely obstructs the MFSR four miles downstream from the Boundary Creek Boat Launch. 

Further downstream, there are log jams further obstructing the MFSR. 

The debris flow was so strong that it displaced the Ramshorn Pack Bridge and now pieces of the bridge are floating in the river, according to SCNF. 

For those who plan on boating in the area, the agency asks that people launch from the Indian Creek Launch Site or further downstream for the foreseeable future. 

While people can begin launching from Boundary Creek on August 17, officials strongly discourage doing so or any location upstream from the Indian Creek Launch Site as it will require several long portages due to the debris. 

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