Wednesday December 21, 2022


After years of drought and poor river conditions, officials are hoping to increase the production of salmon in the Feather River by three and a half million fish in 2023.

Chinook salmon are a vital part of California’s ecosystem and native tribes. They also bring significant recreation and tourism dollars to the local economy.

The increase, next year, will hopefully bring a total of 9.5 million fish to the Feather River Hatchery this coming spring.

However, environmental factors, like drought, have made it tough for the salmon to survive

Many Chinook salmon are also suffering from thiamine deficiencies. Thiamine, also known as vitamin b-1, is a crucial nutrient for survival. Chinook salmon are feeding mostly on anchovies, which are experiencing a boom in population. Without a diverse diet, the species are unable to get the right amount of nutrients in their diet for survival.

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