Friday August 26, 2022

The Washington Times

A toxic algae called “Heterosigma akashiwo” is blooming in San Francisco Bay, causing the water to look murky and brown and posing a danger to local marine life.

The ongoing bloom could kill fish and shellfish with its toxins, but it does not contain the cyanotoxin that kills dogs and sickens humans, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“There are some physical factors that might have sparked this bloom, such as that it’s been relatively clear out, the winds have died down a little bit, we have warmer waters, however, it’s really hard to associate what causes this kind of bloom,” Ian Wren, a scientist with the nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper, told KGO-TV, a San Francisco ABC affiliate.

The bay has not seen a bloom of this type since 2004. The current “red tide” in the San Francisco Bay is now setting records.

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