Wednesday August 30, 2023

SJV Water

The state approved funding for a range of floodplain projects in the San Joaquin Valley, clearing the way for work to potentially begin as soon as this week. 

The state budget included $40 million for floodplain restoration projects in the San Joaquin Valley, which would let rivers spread out over large swaths of undeveloped land to slow the flow and absorb the water. 

On August 24, the California Wildlife Conservation Board voted to spend $21 million of the funding which will be doled out to six on-the-ground projects and 10 planning projects, all overseen by the nonprofit River Partners. The rest of the money will be voted on in November at another board meeting and is proposed for two land acquisitions. 

The planning projects will include permitting, monitoring and research across 10 floodplain sites on the San Joaquin River, its tributaries and the lower Kern River. It will include planning for at least 3,000 acres of floodplain restoration. All board members voted to approve this portion of the funding. 

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