Tuesday February 3, 2015

Manteca Bulletin –

Ready for the ultimate fish fry? The Bureau of Reclamation is. And if things keep trending as they are now, it will happen this summer.

That’s because the Bureau released an extra 25,000 acre feet of water out of New Melones Reservoir into the Stanislaus River in October to help lure Chinook salmon to their death by boiling water.

Well, not exactly boiling water. It will be in water that’s way too warm for them to survive.

This isn’t science fiction. It’s research and science that the holier than thou environmental perfectionist — not protection — crowd refused to consider or even acknowledge.

Biologists with FISHBIO have determined that once New Melones drops below 500,000 acre feet in the summer it will create an environment that’s downright hostile to the Chinook salmon when it comes to their chances for survivor. The reservoir at that level will no longer have cold water that Chinook salmon need to thrive and survive.

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