Friday September 2, 2022


As warm weather continues across Idaho, fish populations are suffering from deoxygenated water and abnormal living conditions.

This has forced Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) to close portions of the Snake River to study what is causing high mortality rates in sturgeon. The portion of water near CJ Strike Reservoir is closed until September 25. IDFG officials say conservation efforts are important during times of unprecedented weather.

“These conditions basically have these fish right on the edge of what they are physiologically able to withstand,” said Art Butts, IDFG fish manager for the southwest region.

Many anglers across the state know the affects that high temperatures have on fish and are worried for future summers.

“My wife and I put our thermometers in the water and its over 70 degrees. You know the fish are poaching basically. There’s just no oxygen left in the water,” said Daniel Dane, owner of Idaho Troutfitters in Twin Falls. “The fish are stressed. They’re gasping. They can’t get enough air.”

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