Wednesday November 2, 2022

CBS News

As California hopes for some much-needed rainfall this week, it’s hard to overstate just how much ground needs to be made up. The state is now in its third year of drought, and it’s already the third stretch of drought years in the past two decades. The dry conditions are reflected in our state’s reservoir levels. 

Lake Shasta is now at 31% of its total capacity or 58% of its historical average for this time of year. And while it may sound paradoxical, the reservoir is actually higher now than it was this time last year. It’s a strange quirk that reminds us just how complicated water can be in California, but that higher lake level isn’t exactly good news.

“Gotta get the dog,” said Harold Jones, corralling a group of visitors into a goodbye photograph. “Thanks for coming up, and hope to see you again soon.”

With the group photo for his parting guests, Jones is winding down another weekend, and his 29th year running the Sugarloaf Cottages on Lake Shasta.

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