Monday August 22, 2022


Scientists have demonstrated that noise caused by humans can carry all the way down to the seafloor, affecting the marine wildlife that lives there.

An increasing number of sounds caused by human activities, including low-frequency noises, are permeating the oceans, with new evidence showing that “these sounds affect some invertebrates that live in and on the seafloor in ways that may impact important functions they provide for their ecosystems.”

This is according to a statement from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), obtained by Zenger News on August 18, referring to a study conducted by its experts.

The study, titled Low-frequency noise pollution impairs burrowing activities of marine benthic invertebrates, authored by AWI experts Sheng V. Wang, Alexa Wrede, Nelly Tremblay, and Jan Beermann, is being published in the October edition of the international, peer-reviewed academic journal Environmental Pollution.

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