Thursday September 8, 2022

The Washington Post

With much of California baking under a record-breaking September heat wave, it seems hard to believe that the weather could get any more unusual. However, as soon as Thursday, Southern California and other parts of the Southwest may contend with another extreme event.

Remnants of Hurricane Kay — the storm is currently about 200 miles southwest of Mexico’s Baja California — are forecast to bring substantial rainfall and possible flooding to the region Friday and Saturday. Some areas, particularly in interior Southern California, could see multiple inches of rain.

“Confidence is rapidly increasing for a significant rainfall event across Southern California, Arizona, and eventually central California and Nevada into Saturday,” the National Weather Service wrote in an online discussion Wednesday.

The heat and drought relief offered by such rain would be beneficial in this exceptionally dry region. However, there is a serious risk of flooding as runoff affects the parched terrain.

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