Friday June 16, 2023

CBS News —

The invasive rodents known as nutria, spurred by California’s wet winter, have been spotted on Sherman Island in Sacramento County.

California Fish and Wildlife was first on alert about these rodents when they were spotted in the Central Valley in 2017. Now, the critters some people call swamp rats are spreading to other counties. 

“An invasion of swamp rats in California, let’s be serious?” said Congressman Josh Harder from the 9th Congressional District. “But this is actually a real problem.” 

The invasive South American aquatic rodent is distinguishable by its orange teeth, white whiskers and it’s ability to grow up to 40 pounds. 

“The threat to crops, while there, is really secondary to the threat of the infrastructure,” said Executive Director of the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau Andrew Genasci.

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