Wednesday November 2, 2022

South Tahoe Now

There are kokanee salmon heading upstream in Taylor Creek after water was released from the dam at Fallen Leaf Lake. Their entry up the creek to lay their eggs was delayed due to drought conditions at Lake Tahoe and the outlet was dried up and in its place was a sandbank.

Many kokanees have been seen all the way upstream at the dam.

The gate to the Taylor Creek Visitor Center is now closed for the season as is the center. The public is welcome to park along SR89 where allowed and walk in. Since there are no services, restrooms are closed and trash must be carried out. People must stay on the trails and not venture into the forested areas where wildlife live, eat and pass through.

After the driest three-year stretch on record, rivers, streams, and creeks in the whole state, not just the Lake Tahoe Basin, are experiencing significant low water flows and some have even dried up. In addition, most waterbodies in California including Lake Tahoe, are experiencing increased temperatures due to the changing climate and multiple years of drought, according to USFS-Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Aquatic Biologist, Sarah Muskopf.

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