Friday November 10, 2023

Lake County Record-Bee

Alerts about punishing loss of tax revenue and discretionary tourism spending should Scott Dam be decommissioned and Lake Pillsbury dries up came from county officials and researchers since a June 2022 Board of Supervisor meeting. This will come to pass if proponents of removing the dam have their way county officials warn.

A new video documentary by Sam Euston of Digital Media Productions Inc., titled “Regional benefits of Lake Pillsbury” paint a stark picture of what could result if the valuable water resource were to disappear.

The video was prepared for the County of Lake in collaboration with Frank Lynch and Carol Cinquini of the Lake Pillsbury Alliance and Frank Aebly of the USFS. Near the conclusion of the video they interviewed Patrick Sullivan, treasurer-tax collector of Lake County who noted many constituents are concerned over the possible financial devastations which may result surrounding the Potter Valley Project should the dam eventually be removed.

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