Wednesday May 10, 2023


Thanks to heavy rainfall across northern California over the past few days, Lake Shasta’s water level is now higher than it has been in years.

As of May 9, the lake is at 1,063.77 feet above water level, having risen nearly 150 feet since the start of 2023, when it stood at 928.01 feet.

These water levels are higher than they have been since 2019—both at this time of year and at any point—and currently stand just below the 2019 high of 1,064.5 feet. The lake’s current levels are therefore only just 3.2 feet shy of its 1,067-foot capacity.

“Shasta’s going to stay pretty full all summer long,” Don Bader, the Northern California Area Manager for the Bureau of Reclamation, told Redding news station KRCR. “We’re going to go down about 40 feet—40 to 50 feet by the end of September, which the boaters; the marine operators are thrilled because it’s going to be great recreation on the lake.

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