Wednesday August 17, 2022

Vietnam Plus

The Mekong Delta is expected to have less flooding than normal this year, according to the Directorate of Water Resources.

The delta, the country largest producer of rice, fruits and seafood, is normally flooded in the Mekong’s upstream areas, and this fertilises the soil as sediments are deposited and brings river creatures into farms.

The floods are expected to peak at 3.5-3.7m at the Tan Chau Station in An Giang province in October, the directorate said.

They are estimated to reach 3 metres by the end of this month, but will not affect the cultivation the autumn-winter crop.

However, the high tides are expected to be high this year and flood low-lying areas in the delta’s central and coastal areas, especially when the tides occur at the same time as heavy rains.

The flooding is now low and does not affect agriculture production or daily life.

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