Wednesday February 1, 2023


A new project, under the Market Street bridge in Redding, is providing new spawning habitats for endangered fish populations.

Up to 8,000 tons of gravel is being placed into the Sacramento River, underneath the Market street bridge, to help provide a critical spawning habitat for endangered Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout

The spokesperson for the Sacramento River settlement contractors, Rob McAllister, said the project is vital to the endangered Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout.

“What we are doing, here, is something that is very vital to the life cycle of the salmon. If we want to boost population numbers we need to ensure that we address all of the salmon’s life cycle, not just hitting one point here or there,” McAllister explained. “And the Market Street Gravel Project is the perfect example of creating a safe and accessible spawning habitat for endangered fish like the Chinook salmon and Steelhead trout.”

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