Thursday October 6, 2022

Nature World News

The new study showed that ocean eddies contribute to the supply of up to 50 percent of nutrients in the subtropical gyres, making nutrients to sustain the phytoplankton within the gyres.

According to the National Ocean Service, gyres refer to large ocean rotation currents.

It added five considered major gyres: Indian Ocean Subtropical Gyres, North and South Pacific Subtropical Gyres, and North and South Atlantic Subtropical gyres.

Moreover, National Geographic explained that ocean gyres are formed by the global wind patterns and Earth’s rotation forces. The role of gyres is crucial to circulate the ocean water on Earth.

On the other hand, the research focused on subtropical gyres moving slowly in a circular motion. These gyres circulate with nutrients and could be trash.

The researchers asked how phytoplankton managed to thrive, noting that there could not be enough nutrients.

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