Monday April 10, 2023

Nevada Irrigation District

 The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has conducted its April snow survey, and reports the snow water equivalent is nearly double on the District’s five snow courses that provide water to raw- and treated water customers.

During the survey, NID hydrographers found the average water content in the snowpack was 66 inches, which is 198 percent of the 33.3-inch average for this time of year.

Snow water equivalent is an indicator of how much water the snowpack contains. This helps water managers plan for water use.

“A series of significant storms in March continued to build upon a very impressive snowpack,” said NID’s Water Resources Superintendent Thor Larsen. “The amount of water content was the third largest recorded for an April survey. Only years 1983 and 1952 produced higher numbers, with 1952 being the record year.”

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