Friday November 3, 2023


Southern Nevada’s lengthy and bone-crushing drought has received oodles of attention in recent years, particularly as it concerns water use and Lake Mead. Getting less attention is that recent weather patterns have helped alleviate the distress.

August was cooler than normal in the Las Vegas area and brought monsoon rains. Last summer, similar weather hit the region. As a result, Clark County can no longer be classified as suffering from drought. In fact, the entire state of Nevada has benefited from the relief.

As of September, more than “94% of the state is drought-free, which is the largest percentage of zero drought that we’ve seen in three and a half years. At the end of August last year, over 50% of the state was in D3-Extreme Drought.” This news comes from UNR’s Nevada Today in a report by Klaire Rhodes of the Nevada state climate office and Thomas Albright, the interim state climatologist.

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