Friday September 1, 2023


A joint effort by local, state, and federal entities to enhance the Sacramento River’s ecosystem is set to resume on Monday with the continuation of the salmon spawning gravel project.

Since January 2023, this ambitious project has been focused on depositing over 21,000 tons of gravel into the Sacramento River, creating essential spawning habitats for both salmon and trout in the river’s upper reaches and tributaries. Spearheaded by various stakeholders, the initiative aims to support the local fish population and promote environmental conservation.

The initial phase of the project commenced under the iconic Market Street Bridge in Redding. Now, attention shifts to another critical spawning location near Salt Creek and Middle Creek Road, along the picturesque Sacramento River Trail. Starting from Monday, Aug. 7, until Friday, Aug. 18, the work at Middle Creek Road, approximately one mile south of the Keswick Dam, will be in full swing.

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