Friday November 18, 2022


Those hoping to build a snowman this season (or sit inside and enjoy the charm of winter weather from a distance) have better chances of their dreams coming true. An update to the Climate Prediction Center’s official winter forecast shows colder weather and higher chances of precipitation than the last forecast.

The 90-day-outlook was published Thursday morning by the Climate Prediction Center, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service. It gives people a rough idea of what December, January and February will look like across the country.

Last month, the long-rage winter forecast showed dry and unseasonably warm weather for nearly everyone – not exactly the recipe for a white Christmas. This month, things are looking wintery, at least for half the country. The effects of La Niña are still clearly visible, splitting the country in two.

A La Niña climate pattern tends to divid the country in half, bringing a dry winter to the southern half and a wetter winter to the northern half.

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