Tuesday May 21, 2024

The News-Review

If you catch a fish with a yellow tag, specifically in the North Umpqua River, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife implores you to release it back into the water.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife began the North Umpqua River Spring Chinook Radio Telemetry Study about midway through April and have tagged 14 adult spring Chinook, both hatchery fish and wild, as of Monday.

Chris Lorion, Native Fish Conservation coordinator with the department, said, “ODFW is conducting a radio-tagging study of spring Chinook in the North Umpqua River to learn more about their migration patterns, where they hold during the summer and where they spawn.”

The aim of the project is for the department to have fresh information regarding the movement of the spring Chinook throughout the North Umpqua and beyond. Evan Leonetti, fish biologist with the department, said the process to tag the fish is fairly simple.

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