Tuesday September 6, 2022

Daily Republic

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said no changes to the sturgeon fishery regulations are being considered at this time.

Officials said the information pool is, as of yet, too shallow.

“There have been no discussions about regulation changes to the sturgeon fishery as a result of the harmful algal bloom. We are still evaluating the loss of this event and we don’t know, or even have a good estimation of, what portion of the population has been lost. We will look at fisheries options once we have a better picture of the scale of this event,” Jordan Traverso, deputy director of communications for the state agency, said in an email that corrected a mistakened comment from Thursday.

An official working at Mare Island, where dead fish have washed ashore from San Pablo Bay on the west side, said the recent “red tide” event could result in a “complete collapse” of the sturgeon population.

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