Thursday December 2, 2021

Daily Kos

Tribal activists, drinking water advocates and commercial and subsistence fishers are  asking the public to stand with them in the fight for both the Trinity and Sacramento River salmon by supporting a California state process to restore flows in California’s largest rivers, and by fighting a proposal for a twenty square mile reservoir, the Sites Reservoir, according to a press release from Save California Salmon.

They are asking the public to attend an online Virtual Rally and Public Testimony Training on December 6th, a state hearing on the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Bay Delta flows on the December 8th at 9 am and Sites Reservoir related public hearings on December 15th at 6 pm and on December 16th at 9 am, and the California Water Commission meeting on public funding for Sites Reservoir on December 15th at 9 am.

“Up to 98% of the Sacramento River winter run salmon died this summer due to climate related drought and over-allocation of water to industrial farmers,” stated Sheridan Enomoto from Save California Salmon. “Despite this, the State  is considering letting California’s largest water users build a 15 million acre foot reservoir that would divert much more water from the Sacramento River, and possibly the Trinity River also. They are also considering continuing to put off a plan to restore flows to the Sacramento River and Bay Delta in favor of voluntary regulation even though lack of river and carry over storage protection  has gotten us into this crisis.”


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