Tuesday February 20, 2024

CBS News

While many of California’s reservoirs saw full recovery from the drought during last year’s wet winter, there was one notable exception: Trinity Lake. The state’s third largest reservoir did not rebound like the others. In fact, it might as well have been another year of drought for the people there, many of whom felt as if they’d been left out of that comeback winter. 

So Trinity really did need another big rainy season and, so far, they’re getting it.

“The lake has come up a lot and we’ve been working on houseboats,” said marina owner Darryl Marlin. “It’s coming up probably a foot, foot and a half a day.”

For Marlin, things are finally starting to look up as hopes rise with the water.

Trinity Lake, the one place in California where the drought didn’t really end last year, is now back to its historical average and still rising.

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