Tuesday April 30, 2024

NOAA Fisheries

A novel Trout Unlimited partnership to help save California’s southernmost coho salmon from extinction has won national recognition from NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit presented the Partnership in the Spotlight Award to Trout Unlimited’s North Coast Coho Project on the banks of a salmon stream just north of San Francisco. “From developing and implementing projects to improve stream complexity to your work removing fish barriers, it is all making a big difference,” she told Anna Halligan, director of the project.

“It’s also wonderful to see how your work is significantly benefitting local economies,” Coit said, citing new jobs in restoration and monitoring.

The award recognizes Trout Unlimited for partnering with timber companies, grape growers, private landowners and state and federal agencies to restore habitat for endangered coho salmon. It’s the largest such initiative in California. The project has helped restore coho salmon and steelhead in coastal streams from San Francisco Bay to the Mad River and other tributaries to Humboldt Bay.

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